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Our technical expertise and customer-centric approach are valued by system partners. We develop accurate hardware and software solutions for HPC and cloud storage in the fast-growing deep learning and AI/KI industries by working closely with our technology partners.

Our application software includes a backup system, a cloud platform for collaboration and data synchronization, and a powerful document management system (DMS). All of our offerings and services are secure and highly available in the cloud.

Our goal is to provide the best possible solution today that is already aligned with the upcoming needs of our system partners and their customers.

We develop Technology for the Future

Our HPC systems

We offer our customers the ability to perform computationally intensive tasks in the shortest possible time and with the highest precision. In doing so, our systems have enormous computing power that enables complex simulations, data analysis and the special requirements of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

We offer our customers not only powerful hardware with the latest generation CPUs/GPUs, but also the appropriate HPC orchestration software. In this context, our HPC systems are specifically designed for computationally intensive AI applications and enable seamless integration into AI and ML workflows. Our customers benefit from rapid provisioning and scaling of resources.

Our goal is to provide our customers with HPC solution that accelerate their AI applications, improve workflows and give them a real competitive advantage. We are happy to provide tailored consulting for their specific requirements and our support in selecting the right hardware and configuration.

HPC Systems Applications

Simulations & Modeling

High performance computing systems, also known as HPC systems, are the ultimate solution for complex simulation and modeling tasks.

Their enormous power makes it possible to gain knowledge from a wide range of fields – be it weather forecasting, aircraft development, energy research or other demanding applications.

HPC systems allow us to dig deep and gain a deep understanding of the finest details to develop solutions to the challenges of today’s world.


Data Analysis

HPC systems are at the heart of data analytics in many fields such as science, finance, healthcare, etc.

With their unique ability to process and analyze large amounts of data in record time, HPC systems are the driving force behind important discoveries and breakthroughs in these industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)

High performance computing (HPC) systems are not only essential for simulations and modeling tasks, but also for the AI and ML applications of the future.

With their unparalleled performance, HPC systems are the driving force behind image recognition, speech recognition and autonomous vehicles. They enable us to understand the world around us with incredible precision and respond to change.



HPC systems are not only a powerful tool for simulations, modeling, AI and ML applications, but also an indispensable ally in optimizing systems and processes. With their incredible computational power, HPC systems can process complex algorithms and models to optimize systems and processes, whether in energy system planning or logistics process optimization.

They are the key to a more efficient world in which we can tackle and overcome the challenges of the 21st century.

Financial Analysis

HPC systems are the irreplaceable partners in the financial world. Whether in risk management analysis, portfolio optimization or trading strategies, HPC systems are the key to discovering the most effective and profitable ways to meet the challenges of the dynamic financial world.

With their enormous computing power and precision, HPC systems are able to process large amounts of data in real time and make informed decisions. In this way, HPC systems are becoming indispensable tools in financial analysis, helping us to maximize opportunities and minimize risks.



Esencia-Systems offers powerful cloud storage solutions that are optimally tailored to meet the specific needs of the rapidly growing demand for scalable storage. With our purpose-built cloud storage systems, you can securely and reliably store, manage and share your data without worrying about storage complexity. The compact design enables high storage density with minimal energy consumption.

Our cloud storage systems are easy to use and ensure a scalable solution that grows with market demands. With our comprehensive security infrastructure, your data is protected from unauthorized access and data loss. Seamless integration with other cloud computing services, such as HPC and artificial intelligence, is a given.


Software development

Esencia systems provide comprehensive software development solutions for enterprises requiring high performance computing (HPC), cloud storage and application software. Our development teams work closely with our systems partners to create custom solutions tailored to the specific needs of their customers. Our HPC and cloud storage solutions are specifically designed to meet demanding compute and storage requirements.

Here we work with the latest technologies to ensure that our solutions are scalable, powerful and reliable. We help our system partners integrate HPC and cloud storage solutions and support the growing demands of Big Data, Deeplearning and AI/KI applications.

In the area of enterprise digitization, we develop solutions designed to improve workflows and automate business processes. The primary goal is to increase productivity in companies. Our developers have extensive experience in developing user software for a wide range of industries, including financial services, logistics, medical, etc.

Our applications


Esencia Cloud has its own housing infrastructure that enables organizations to securely store and share files, calendars and contacts from anywhere. Esencia Cloud offers several features of modern digital enterprise communications, including file sharing, synchronization, calendar and contact management, collaborative document editing, instant messaging and video calling. Furthermore, we offer easy integration of various third-party services.

As part of our whitelabel program, we offer Esencia Cloud as a fully customizable solution for our system partners who are simply looking for powerful cloud software without worrying about technical updates and availability, but want to focus completely on their customers’ needs.


Backup Software

Back up your data with our Esencia backup software – safely, easily and efficiently. Esencia backup software provides a secure and reliable way to protect your valuable data.

We have focused on the three most important aspects: Full data security according to DSVGO, multiple redundant storage that can grow with your data volumes, and easy system integration into your IT landscape.

Our Esencia backup software is designed to be user-friendly and uses advanced encryption technologies to optimally protect your data during transfer and storage. We also rely exclusively on purpose-built and hosted cloud storage systems to ensure your data is in safe hands. Third parties have no access whatsoever.

Document Management System

With Esencia DMS software, companies of any size can fully digitize their document management and make their processes more efficient and faster.

The focus is on simple and intuitive handling of documents, which can be effectively classified automatically according to categories, tags or keywords, and stored and managed in an audit-proof manner.

The automated creation of workflows and the integration of e-mail systems facilitate and accelerate team collaboration. Companies thus remain flexible and can access important documents at any time, even in the home office or on the road. Easy integration with other systems such as ERP and CRM is another plus of our Esencia DMS software.

This allows our customers to link their documents to the appropriate business processes, ensuring seamless collaboration within your organization. All documents are stored securely and DSVGO-compliant on our specially developed cloud storage systems.

Our system partners value Esencia DMS software as an important offering for modern and efficient enterprise digitization for their customers as part of our white label program.


Esencia SiteBuilder

With our site builder, you can create a stunning website in no time, without the need for extensive programming skills.

Our user-friendly platform offers a variety of templates and designs that you can customize to suit your needs. You can easily drag and drop content, add your own domain, and even set up online store integrations.

We also offer an extensive library of images and graphics so you can personalize your website quickly and easily. Our site builder is also optimized for mobile devices, so your website will look great on all screen sizes.

Our goal is to make creating your own website as easy and hassle-free as possible. Start building your website today and let us help you make your presence felt online.

Our Whitelabel HPC Solutions

We offer our customers a variety of HPC software tools and libraries designed specifically for use on HPC systems to maximize performance and ensure scalability.

Our HPC solutions are provided to our system partners with their branding and brand identity as part of our whitelabel program.

Whitelabel programm

Build your own brand

Wenn Sie auf der Suche nach einem Whitelabel-Produkt sind, um Ihre eigene Marke auf einer hochverfügbaren Hardwareumgebung samt Anwendungssoftware anzubieten, oder Ihre Produktpallette oder Kundenbasis vergrößern möchten, dann ist unser Whitelabel-Programm die ideale Wahl. Our solutions are easy to implement and offer a high degree of flexibility and scalability. An important part of our whitelabel program is loyalty and integrity, which is expressed in exclusive communication with our system partners.

High availability hardware

Bring your own brand on a highly available hardware environment including application software.

Easy to implement

Our solutions are easy to implement and offer a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

Technology partners

Our technology partners are an important part of our success and innovation. Working with leading technology companies enables us to offer our customers the latest and most advanced solutions.


Esencia-Systems GmbH places great emphasis on sustainability, environmental compatibility and the reduction of CO2 emissions when selecting its data centers. To ensure not only high availability but also an efficient and environmentally friendly infrastructure, we use modern technologies and implementations that minimize energy consumption while providing optimal performance.

When selecting our productive data centers, we rely exclusively on providers that work with environmentally friendly, renewable energy sources from wind, solar or hydropower. We currently use locations in Sweden and Norway, which also offer energy-saving cooling using seawater.

To keep energy consumption as low as possible, we also develop our own energy-saving hardware and rely on intelligent energy management systems. Our developer data centers in Erfurt and Nuremberg operate predominantly with green electricity from renewable sources and are equipped with passive cooling systems.

All these measures enable us to ensure high performance and availability of our HPC and cloud storage facilities while minimizing environmental impact. We strive to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly technology infrastructure while providing world-class services.

With our technologies, we offer companies a great opportunity to become more sustainable. By optimizing resource efficiency and making sensible use of modern cloud applications, companies can help reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment.



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